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January 2010. I’m in Dubai. Walking along the beach. It’s got to be over 30 degrees. The sea is moving backwards and forwards around my feet as I stroll. I’m watching it froth and fizzle back into the sand. I can feel the heat of the afternoon sun on my shoulders and head.

It’s two days before the start of the event. The biggest event in skydiving I had ever seen. The Dubai international Parachuting championships. It’s new. Never been done before. I was here to announce the canopy piloting whist playing music on a sound system.




I didn’t actually have any sound equipment yet. But I’m sure it will all be ok before the start.

I had just been handed my accreditation and phone for the gig. As the salt water moved slowly around my feet, easing its way from heal to toe and back around my ankles, it’s sound and feel like an affectionate house cat, I turned the laminated plastic over in my hand.


It said “Regan Tetlow. Media. Presenter” I let out a slow breath and looked up at the skyscrapers flowing the curve of the beach. I suddenly felt out of my depth, over whelmed. I was really just a barman from the North of England who started skydiving for a laugh then ended up in a few teams then ended up winning a few medals then ended up working full time as a load organiser in Spain then ended up here in Dubai as a friggin Presenter at the biggest event of the year.
“Im just winging it!” I said aloud.
But then I remembered what an old man has once said while I was still working in the pub “Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking they are expert or in charge, everyone is actually winging it from one day to the next”

I relaxed and smiled at that and absently pulled out my iPhone to take a few pics. I hadn’t had it long. I was still in awe of its power. As I was looking at the screen, I noticed it has a video function.
” I wonder what the quality is like?” I thought. I toggled it over to vid mode and filmed a bit of the sea and sand. It was brilliant quality. Almost broascast standard
It was then I noticed it was possible to post it directly to Facebook.
My mouth fell open and my heart started to race as the potential hit me head on.
I was holding, in my hand, my own TV studio, show and channel. This had the power that hadn’t been considered before. No one was posting videos to Facebook. No one. I could interview the skydivers, show the event, even film myself talking bollocks.
It could be online within seconds.
I ran from the beach. Looking for my first victim.
Never before had anyone used this new Facebook thing as an almost live feed giving insight and analysis of a sporting event.
I had no idea where it would lead or if it would work, but I knew I was onto something big.
From that moment on,
my Facebook was destined to never be the same again.

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