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Already renowned as the first choice live presenter and commentator in the field of skydiving events, Regan bring a a fresh approach to the Dubai scene with his energetic and vibrant style of working.

He has been presenting in Dubai on a yearly basis since 2010 at the Dubai International Parachuting Championships (DIPC) held at Skydive Dubai Palm Drop Zone.

He has also been the presenter at the World Championships in Dubai 2012 and the World Games in Columbia 2013 (http://www.fai.org/ipc-slider-news/37463-event7561-event7562-tetlow-presenter-world-games-2013)imageimage

Master of Ceremonies assignments have included :-
Parachute Industry Awards 2013 Daytona Beach Florida, USA
Charlewars Indoor Skydiving Cimagehampionships 2014, Belgium
Windgames Indoor Skydiving Championships 2014, Spain
Vector Festival Film Awards 2011, Empuriabrava Spain



Live, televised events include

King of Swoop competition Spain 2014, 2006 2005
Air Games at Charleswar Belgium 2014, and
SunPath Canopy Piloting Open North Carolina 2014.
From the world Games website :

Regan has been skydiving for 23 years and has 8000 jumps under his belt. He competed in 4 and 8 way in the UK from 1997 to 2001 and won Bronze, Silver and Gold in both events. His experience as a presenter includes events such as the Mondial 2012 (FAI World Parachuting Championships). “I am very lucky to be in a situation that allows me to follow my two main passion; Skydiving and working a crowd. I have presented at some incredible events over the last few years and it is always a lot of fun. I like to bring my energy to others,” Regan said.


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