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I looked insidnetsmalle. There was no net. Just empty space. A rough sewn seem that held each leg together.

This was my shock find as I gazed inside the pair of neon blue and black swimmers in the sports store. I tried them on. All my junk was just hanging to one side. What was going on? That would be obscene if I came out of the pool wearing these.
I decided to ask the assistant.
“Erm, where is the……”
“Netting?” She jumped in “You need swimwear, those are board shorts”
She pointed to the swimmers. They had netting. But they were no way as cool looking as the board shorts. I am sure I have bought boardies in the past with netting. Obviously there had been a sea change (see what I did there?)
In fact I can now recall seeing people wearing undies under board shorts during my last summer in Spain. I couldn’t thing of anything worse than walking round in your speedos with soggy underpants on underneath.
What happened? Where did the netting go? What was wrong with it? Was it removed just so the young trendies could have the top of their knickers showing even on the beach.
So I really have to start swimming with my underpants on if I want to look cool?
In the meantime, it’s middle aged swimmers with a fishnet.
And wow.
What a catch!


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