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An ordinary scene.
Listening to a pianist reciting something from Handel on my noise cancelling headphones, a glass of white wine in my hand. I’m looking out of the window.
I should be dead.
The temperature is minus 60 degrees. There is no breathable oxygen. I am 6 miles above the surface of the planet.
I am only alive because of the machine I sit in. I can breath normally. The temperature is 22 degrees, and I have a glass of chilled white wine in my hand, listening to Handel.
The very fact of this ordinary scene played out in extraordinary circumstances is normally not noticed, but I notice it now. Through the oval window, I have been witness to something impossible. I have been watching the same sunrise for 5 hours. Outside, time has stopped, but here, inches away, time continues at a rate of one second per second.
I am drinking wine, listening to classical music, in a time machine. One of the wonders of traveling west at 600mph.

It is now time for breakfast. People are considering the situation, should they have eggs or noodles.

What marvels, I wonder, will we invent in the future, what twisting of physics and nature can we dream up, only for it to be mostly ignored as we order coffee and choose eggs?


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