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i read these words on my phone screen. An SMS from a friend. Dubai? What was he talking about?

It was Sunday night, almost midnight. I had one foot in the bath. There was no connection between me and Dubai. No reason why I should be going there.

But my curiosity got the better of me. I decided to call and just see whimageat that message was all about.

He had a drink. But the words were for me.

“You are going to get a call in the morning from the Emirates Aviation Authority” he said”

“FROM WHAT?” I stuttered. It sounded serious. The only word I understood was “Authority” i must have screwed up some flight or jump or something or….

“Relax Reegy” (He always calls me Reegy) “They are putting on a swoop competition and I’m going to run it. They asked if I knew an English presenter who could handle it”

We had worked together before. On the beach at Empuriabrava, for the King of Swoop competition. The last one was four years earlier.


“If they offer you the gig it’s an all expenses trip to Dubai next January presenting the event on the beach, don’t let on you know! Night!”

I think I stood half in and half out of the bath for ten minutes trying to process the call.

Was this actually going to happen? The skydiving world is full of ideas that never make it to the light of day. I guess I was just going to have to wait and see.

Sure enough the next morning the call came. I tried to sound calm. I just wanted to scream “YES YES WHATEVER YOU BOOK ME A FLIGHT!”


So that was it. I was booked to be a presenter for canopy piloting at the brand new Dubai International Parachuting Championships….In Dubai!

How did it go?

Well that’s the next story coming up







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