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“What do you do?” She said…

 I paused and smiled

“That is a very good question” I just started to laugh.

I could hardly believe the answer. For ten years I had been a full time skydiver. Surrounded by skydivers. I hardly ever had to say “I am a skydiver”

One, it was obvious as I was for most of the time wearing a parachute and two, so was everyone else.

Now, going freelance as not only a skydiver but as a presenter and mixing amongst those who didn’t jump, this question, I suddenly realised,  the staple of dinner parties and fleeting introductions, was going to make its way back into my life.

My name is Regan Tetlow, and this is my story.

Regan’s Log

Getting the magic back.

Arriving at the dz before the sun rises, leaving after it sets. A big smile from ear to ear at all the points in between. There is something magical and rewarding about time on a skydiving dropzone. I'm sure climbers feel the same around a mountain. Sailors the same...

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5 things skydivers understand

It's impossible to gaze out an open door without looking like you are mentally solving world problems. Geeking the camera before exit is mandatory.   Sneaking up on someone in Freefall and shoving a banana in their face is hilarious.     Landing your reserve parachute...

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International MC and Presenter.

Already renowned as the first choice live presenter and commentator in the field of skydiving events, Regan bring a a fresh approach to the Dubai scene with his energetic and vibrant style of working. He has been presenting in Dubai on a yearly basis since 2010 at the...

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The Visa Run.

Every 30 or 40 days expats are driving up to the Oman border, spending a few minutes doing admin then driving back to Dubai. What is going on? It's the infamous VISA RUN. When I first heard of visa runs I imagined shady characters weaving across a barbed wire fence at...

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Magic at 30000ft

An ordinary scene. Listening to a pianist reciting something from Handel on my noise cancelling headphones, a glass of white wine in my hand. I'm looking out of the window. I should be dead. The temperature is minus 60 degrees. There is no breathable oxygen. I am 6...

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Whatever happened to the net?

I looked inside. There was no net. Just empty space. A rough sewn seem that held each leg together. This was my shock find as I gazed inside the pair of neon blue and black swimmers in the sports store. I tried them on. All my junk was just hanging to one side. What...

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